PIERRE d'ALEXIS Marque de Bijoux Suisse
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Grégoire Maret - Bijoutier Valais Suisse

The Artist

Grégoire Maret Bijoutier Joaillier

Grégoire Maret graduated from the technical school of the Vallée de Joux in 1994, where he was trained “the old-fashioned way” in high-end jewellery and gemmology. Using his experience and “know-how” he has developed his own artistic approach in his jewellery.

Passionate about the art of jewellery for over more than twenty years, he has created a collection of unique jewellery which inspires the poetry of the elements themselves.

Firstly his art is a passion, regardless of fashion; he creates with his own hands and evident “know-how”, fabulous and timeless pieces of jewellery from A to Z.

The passion for his craft, gemstones and minerals, are enriched through meeting people, who give him inspiration for his creations. He explores the infinity of artistic and technical possibilities revealing the symbolic meaning of the jewel he is creating. With the brand PIERRE d'ALEXIS he presents to the world of contemporary fine jewellery an original style.

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